Matte & Vinyl Protectant

Matte & Vinyl Protectant

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Adam’s Matte Protectant 16oz

Easy on, easy off, excellent results
Mask minor imperfections, subtle surface scratches, and swirl marks
Ideal for vinyl and painted matte finishes
Made in USA


Adam’s Matte Protectant is super easy-to-use, restoring color and depth to matte finishes. We made Matte Protectant for cars wrapped in matte vinyl or painted in a matte finish.
This product offers a quick method of applying protection for wraps, decals, stripes, and more. It smells incredible and you’ll be amazed at how it goes on and off with ease.
Apply to a clean, decontaminated finish. Shake Adam’s Matte Protectant vigorously before use.
1. Apply a small quarter-size blob onto Adam’s Red Hex Grip or Microfiber Applicator Block.
2. Spread onto matte surface in a thin, even layer. Try to avoid panel gaps, and apply in the shade if possible.
3. Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes. May need more time in high humidity.
4. Buff away residue with a clean premium microfiber towel.
Common Sense Warning:
Always clean and protect your exterior rubber and plastic trim before using this, or any wax or sealant. Avoid applying this product to rubber and plastic trim. If needed, treat rubber and plastic with Adam’s Eco All Purpose Cleaner and VRT before using this product. You have better things to do than scrub residue off of dry or oxidized trim.

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