Adam's 5.5" Double Foam Pad Kit

Adam's 5.5" Double Foam Pad Kit

  • $89.99
  • Save $16

Polishing can be a dirty job! Don't waste time cleaning or washing pads between panels. Grab 2 of each so you can keep polishing without stopping.

Here's a kit with our top selling new 5.5" polishing pads.

(2) 5.5 Blue Foam Pad (For moderate correction with Adam's Correcting Compound)

(2) 5.5 Orange Foam Pad (For correction with Adam's Correcting Polish)

(2) 5.5 White Foam Pad (For finishing with Adam's Finishing Polish)

  • Adam's 7th Generation Foam Pad System
  • For Use With 5" Hook & Loop Backing Plates (Swirl Killer 15MM Long Throw Polisher and Porter Cable 7424XP)
  • Three Grades of Foam For Polishing and Finishing
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